We Are Taking A Break


Curious Provisions will be back.

We are in the process of relocating our offices to the West Coast and acquiring funding in order to create a new breed of Thumper boom boxes that take custom audio to the next level.  It is uncertain how long this process will take, but we would like our loyal customers to know that we appreciate their support, and we look forward to building more of these creations for the world to enjoy in the future.

What if I need a repair?

We do realize that some of you still have Thumpers that fall within the 1 year warranty and we will honor that. Others, outside the warranty will have to pay for repairs and shipping.

In either case, send your requests to one of our technicians via email:

Email: Joseph Lopez: jlopez.engineering@gmail.com

We have made arrangements with Joseph to handle your requests whether they are under warranty or not. Please include any order information you have with your repair request.

curiousprovisionsWe Are Taking A Break

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  1. Brendan Garvey

    I found your site from a shopify merchant spotlight page. Was curioius if when you are done relocating and resituating if you would be interested in starting to accept digital currency for your products. Just an idea for new revenue streams!
    Let me know if this would be something of interest for you and your company!

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